How to Save Time Monitoring PR Campaigns with Mention

Sandra Chung
Sandra Chung

Are you spending a lot of time and money on PR campaigns every month? How much brand buzz or sales are you actually getting from them?

Whether it's your CEO or your client, you need to show the ROI of your efforts and measuring the impact of your campaign is just as important as the actual launch.

And without a good monitoring strategy and tool in place to track your impact, your PR campaign is simply a shot in the dark.

But the problem is, monitoring PR campaigns can be a huge time-suck. From going through thousands of brand mentions to making reports, this can take up the better part of your week.

In fact, agencies spend an incredible amount of time reporting to their clients. And for good reason - they need to prove that they're delivering what was promised.

Now you can provide data on their brand and competitors without even opening your laptop. Automate the reporting process and start using your time for more important things.

This is where Mention comes in.

In this blog post, we're going show you how can save time when monitoring your PR campaigns.

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Use filters to sift through the noise

If you're a small, up-and-coming brand, you may have time to go through all of your mentions on a daily basis. But as your presence grows, this will become increasingly more difficult.


Some conversations may be more important to your campaign than others, such as negative mentions from top influencers, or mentions from a specific country. To make the most of your time PR monitoring, sort your stream using filters such as:

  • Sentiment during a specific time period – See how the public is reacting to your new campaign or product. Learn from the experience to prepare for the next launch.
  • Countries and language – Who and where are the people talking about you? Are you investing enough in brand advocacy there?
  • Sources – Are you seeing way more mentions Instagram versus Twitter? Does this align with your PR objectives?
  • Top influencers – who are the industry movers and shakers who are raving your brand? Identify and engage with them and propose partnerships if appropriate.

Mention's filters allows you to see only the conversations you want - helping you shave minutes off your routine.

Create and automate reports in seconds

For many PR and marketing professionals, analytics are crucial to assess how well your brand and campaign is performing. You need to prove your campaign ROI to your boss and to your clients, and for that , you need reports.

However, creating and sending reports is basically a full-time job. But what if reports generated themselves? They can!

With Mention's reporting capabilities, you can get your data when you want it, with a snap of your fingers. This is really helpful for agencies who need to report to clients, or for PR managers wanting to keep an eye on their brand performance.

You have complete control over the information in your report such as customizing the colors, and adding a logo, Once it's compiled, what you get is a beautiful, customized report that will provide valuable insights to clients, managers and your teammates.

Ready to send out your report? Set it and forget it with one click. You choose the frequency, day of the week and time, and even the subject line in the email. and specify the email addresses you want to send the report to. Wasn't that easy?

Mention's automated reports take the hard part out of your hands. And the more time you save on reporting, the more time you have to perfect your PR campaigns.

Export your report in PDF or Powerpoint

What's better than being able to create, automate, and send your analytics report in one click? Being able to export it in different formats of course!

If you're an agency, you'll likely have to create tons of Powerpoints for each and every one of your clients. It's a lot of work that most of us would like to reduce.

That's why we've decided to make the report creation process even more convenient.

You can now directly export your reports into PPTX. This means no more manually pasting screenshots from Mention to your presentations. Amen.



Simply export any custom report in PPTX instantly, or schedule your report in PPTX format and receive it at a scheduled time.

For those clients or your managers that don't need nor have time to go through 30-slide Powerpoint presentations, we've got them covered too. Simply export your report in PDF and schedule it to send the exact same way as the PPTX.

Take the work out of PR monitoring

Whether you're a company or agency, your boss and clients want constant PR campaign updates, and monitoring with Mention makes it easier than ever.

Not only can you sort through your conversations easily, you'll be able to prepare and automate reports for key stakeholders with just a few clicks.

So what's holding you back? Try Mention out for yourself today.

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Sandra is Head of Content at Mention. She hails from Vancouver, Canada, and keeps her pulse on all things digital marketing. She's also really into Game of Thrones and cats. You can find her writing cheeky tweets @sandrogynous