8 Reasons Why Pr and Marketing Execs Depend On Mention

Sandra Chung
Sandra Chung

Growing and managing a brand online is no walk in the park.

Between planning the next campaign and dealing with a PR crisis, you also need to measure your progress and results. Not to mention finding influencers to work with and staying on top of market trends.

Even the most brilliant PR teams need help. And that's where Mention comes in.


Having one effective monitoring tool in place can not only save you time, increase your productivity, and improve the ROI of your campaigns.

In this blog post, we’ll share 8 reasons why the best PR & marketing pros rely on Mention to achieve their brand performance goals.

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1.Monitor campaigns effectively

A lot of PR executives spend copious amounts of time perfecting and launching their campaigns, but not many of them have a proper strategy in place to measure them.

You'll need to compare your brand awareness before and after your PR campaigns by tracking trends in conversations. You'll also want to measure your campaign’s success by how much conversation it generated, compared to a normal day.

According to Azendoo, a collaborative application built for marketers and designers, Mention helped them gauge the success of their campaigns and increase their brand reach:

“In 2014, Azendoo was honored by Evernote as the Best Multi-Platform App. With Mention, we were able to monitor this campaign, find who was talking about it, and engage with them. It helped us increase our reach and discover a whole new audience.”

Monitoring your campaigns is an essential part of your PR strategy, so don't ignore it!

2. Find and track PR opportunities easily

Researching journalists and news outlets can be very time-consuming. But it doesn't have to be.

You can identify PR opportunities by monitoring who is talking about your competitors and also by tracking industry keywords. As they’re already talking about your industry, they’ll be interested in your news.

OpenSignal, a company that specializes in wireless coverage mapping used Mention to track the impact of their their articles:

"We see if an article has been published in one of our focus countries and if that article is in the top 100 of Alexa. I go to Mention, go country by country, see all the articles, and check the top ones. We compare the Mention influence score with the Alexa rank, and they are usually consistent. So Mention is quite useful to drill down on our KPIs."

You spend time developing PR content, so make sure that it gets in front of the people that matter the most.

3. Report your campaign results like a pro

Managing your campaigns and brand reputation isn’t enough. You have to prove the impact of your PR activities to your key stakeholders.

Hope Alcocer, a noted blogger uses Mention show the effectiveness of her PR efforts to her clients:

"I can tell them, ‘hey I dispersed your social media post or I had a guest blogger do a write-up and such.’ But the proof is in the results. So I’m using Mention to showcase my progress as well. They can see exactly where they’re being talked about and when."

With Mention, you can impress clients event further by creating beautiful and customizable reports with just a few clicks.

4. Get full media coverage

The whole point of PR campaigns is for news about your brand to spread quickly, and traditional methods of tracking mentions can’t keep up.

You can track real-time mentions from all online sources in Mention. Features like advanced filters allow you to narrow down mentions by language, country, influence, and more.

Quality Logo Products are able to pick up on conversations about them that would have been missed:

"Mention helps me find some of the rarer brand mentions that some of our other monitoring tools don’t catch. Seeing these links or mentions is really a morale boost to me and my team. It shows that all of our hard work in promoting QLP hasn’t been for nothing!"

You won't ever have to miss another important mention about your brand.

5. Monitor competitors like a ninja

In order to be stay ahead, you need to know who you’re competing with. By watching your competitors, you can find new content ideas, marketing tactics, PR opportunities, and even leads. Monitoring does the investigating for you.

Spok, the leader in clinical communication solutions, wanted one dashboard where they could "receive alerts on all of our major competitors from all sources—news publications, blogs, videos, forums, and social media." Mention empowered them to improve their competitive analysis effectively. "The real-time updates enable us to alert our sales and product teams of any product releases and any other relevant information on our competitors as the news breaks."

You'll always be one step ahead when you have real-time updates at your fingertips.

6. Find influencers that are already your fans

When you're trying to create buzz about your brand, you can't do it alone.

You'll need to use influencers to connect with new audiences, grow your brand’s community, and build a valuable network.

What if you could find influencers and experts already talking about your topic online? With Mention, you can! You can even use the influencer dashboards to rank possible advocates by influencer score.

Here's how, Jay Denhart-Lillard, a product manager tracks down influencers easily:

"I specifically do a deep dive about once per week when I look at who in the topic seems to be particularly influential, or at the center of most of the conversations I’m tracking. I save these people’s profiles to a special list of influencers that I’m curating for influencer outreach."

Finding the influencers that will amplify your brand with Mention is simple.

7. Grow your online presence in no time

Listening to the most important conversations directly about or surrounding your brand is the key to good PR monitoring. You'll not only need to listen, join in, and remind customers that you’re real people behind your company’s logo.

Intercom, the leading customer messaging platform was able to amplify their brand awareness exponentially:

"When we had a popular Dribbble post talking about design last week, it was so easy for me to look through, identify, and engage with people referencing our post, adding counter-points and posting graphics that related to us. It’s proved the easiest way to connect our startup with everyone who’s talking about it."

8. Know your customers inside and out

As marketing becomes more personal, you need all the customer insights you can get. Knowing your customers’ pain points and desires will help you position your brand.

For Azendoo, this means discovering where their key customer base was. "We set up key terms on our brand and monitored our website, social media channels, and blog. We found that 30% of our customers were in France, 30% in the U.S., and 30% elsewhere. "

When you know your customers, you can cater your product and service to solve their challenges.

Get the only PR monitoring tool you need

Now that you've heard all of the reasons why so many of the world's best brands use Mention, isn't is time you try it out for yourself?

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Sandra is Head of Content at Mention. She hails from Vancouver, Canada, and keeps her pulse on all things digital marketing. She's also really into Game of Thrones and cats. You can find her writing cheeky tweets @sandrogynous